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Quilts can be made with as few as 12 T-Shirts or as many as 36. After receiving your T-Shirts, we will determine how many are usable and what size quilt you will end up with. You will be notified of the total cost and estimated completion date. Place a safety pin on the side/sides of T-Shirts that you want us to use and be sure thay have all been washed and dried without fabric sheets. Please do not cut the T-Shirts prior to shipping them to us. If you want to supply your own fabric, contact us for yardage. Otherwise, give us your color choices and leave the rest to us. Many people making T-Shirt quilts with high school or college T-Shirts like the fabric to be in the school colors.

You can use the front, back, or both sides of a T-Shirt. All quilts are made with sashing between each T-Shirt. The following table can be used for an estimate:

Approx. Size Number of T-Shirts Cost
Sm. Throw (50″ x 66″)
Throw (66″ x 66″
Twin (66″ x 82″)
Full (82″ x 82″)
Queen (96″ x 96″)

Prices are based on standard 14″ squares. If squares are smaller (children, etc) then the price will be adjusted accordingly.

All quilts will be professionally machine quilted on our A-1 Longarm Quilting machine, not tied. Prices do not include fabric. We can quote you prices for the fabric or yardage needed if you want to buy your own.

If you need a quilt for a special occasion such as graduation, Christmas, etc. please allow plenty of time so that you won’t be disappointed.